About Tweet From Above

Tweet From Above and Tweet From Below (TFA/TFB) let you post anonymous messages on Twitter without creating an account or posting those messages in your own Twitter feed. And why would you want to do that?

Well, we thought of a gazillion reasons, but the most basic is this: You're a Twitter user, and sometimes you want to respond to something in the Twitterverse without your comments being broadcast to your followers or attached to your name. Standard @replies are okay, but maybe you want to let an obnoxious Twitterer know it without starting a feud. Or maybe you're a (dis)satisfied customer of one of the umpteen businesses on Twitter and you want to give them feedback without starting a "relationship." Or maybe you just need to get something off your chest.

Be Someone's Muse

Using our service, you can have "a little bird" tell anyone anything. Just mention any user by @name in your anonymous tweet, and they're sure to see it! Your tweet will be delivered from one of our @tweetfromabove or @tweetfrombelow accounts, all of which point back to these sites, not you.

Most Twitterers will appreciate anonymous feedback, provided it's offered constructively and in good taste, as we know most anonymous tweets will be. We've also setup TFA/TFB badges for you to embed on your website to solicit anonymous feedback.

So have fun, be safe and be free, but don't be stupid: Read our Terms of Use if you're thinking of using our service for harrassment, threats, pornography, crime or other questionable activity.

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